Adrian Niman

Rasa - Adrian Niman Photo

Adrian Niman, Owner and Co-Executive Chef

It is not only Adrian’s unique experience that sets him apart from most young entrepreneurs. Adrian is renowned for his creative nature and dazzling palate. His ability to balance the simplest elements of food allows him to create exceptional blends of flavours and textures. Adrian’s culinary practice began with an apprenticeship position at North 44 under the watchful eye of Mark McEwen. Growing quickly, he began to cater private functions for family and friends. Adrian’s recognized talent drove him to broaden his entrepreneurial horizons.

In 2003, Adrian enrolled in Hotel and Food Administration at the University of Guelph. His dream of becoming a chef rapidly became a reality. Adrian founded The Food Dudes upon the completion of his training at the Michelin-starred Reads Hotel in Mallorca, Spain in 2007. Adrian is passionate about sharing his acquired knowledge and skills. He launched The Food Dudes based on the principles of using the highest quality ingredients, maintaining superior service, and tending to all client needs.

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